My Fellow Citizens


My Fellow Citizens,

In seeing the Country of Canada, go bezerk with Power. As Prime Minister Trudeau has become Canada's first dictator, I ask that you think about what is going on. POTUS could get the same Idea. As Turkey, Ukraine and Russia are doing their own War thing, everyone here is pulverized with prices that are absolutely unbelievable, when we could refine our own Oil into Gas and Kerosene and keep the Prices down. Tennessee does not recognize Totalitarian Governments. Tennessee believes "WE THE PEOPLE", Are the Boss and the ones in Control. The People have stood to their feet and declared "Enough is Enough" and are fighting back against these "Pandemic Rules and Regulations" which just gives government officials reason to have "Control" OF THE PEOPLE. When the Government knows the people are going to rise and come up against the Deceased Hitler's Children, they get cold feet and a yellow stripe straight up their back and run under their Military might and like a Cat to us, they say "Get back, Get back". We the People are the Bosses's and if the Governed to the Government cannot be the Bossess, WE THE PEOPLE, desire to abolish the government through the Courts and start over. As Governor, I desire to keep Tennessee a Republic and not have the Legislative Branch nor the Judicial Branch use our Precious Citizens as Pawns, which is absolutely sick!