As Governor, I cannot and will not have the "Free Love", "Make Love, not War" Commune type Attitude/Spirit among st the Citizens of Tennessee. There must be a difference in earning your money and making your money work for you NO PERSON SHOULD BE FORCED TO "SPREAD THE LOVE AND SHARE THE WEALTH". If you don't earn it, it can not be allowed in your pocket to burn it.  I am somewhat a Capitalist, I love my Money coming in/Making Money, at the same time, I will not believe in a Cash-less, Inharmonious, Globalist Freak and Side show to reign in the devil himself, to be master of the world, as he is master of the globalist societies, which is absolutely disgusting. And if you think about it, most of your globalists, and/or secret society members run parallel with the Hippie Era of the Late 60's and early 70's.

1. Free Love-  THE BELIEF(S) THAT Homosexuality should be an acceptable lifestyle. Even Orgies Parties should be a vast lifestyle without the consequences/discipline of Marriage/Divorce.

2. Illicit Drugs- Cocaine/Marijuana are the most accepted in 1% Society. If anyone knows, no one tells, and if anyone tells, the "Narcs" are usually placed in secret graves.(NOT TO MANY DEA AGENTS (WHO ARE NOT BRIBE-ABLE)THAT GET MADE IN YOUR SPANISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES COME HOME WITHOUT BEING IN A BOX).(NICARAGUA, ARGENTINA, GUADALAJARA, MEXICO)

3. "Imagine"-(PRESENT DAY HIDDEN BRAINWASHING) Globalists love the "Imagine" Song. Most of the time, the 60's and 70's songs, were based on getting high, "puff, the magic dragon"- was actually about marijuana. They could also be delusional, as well, as subliminal. Subliminal as in a Subconscious idea, AS IN BRAINWASHING. Those Subconscious ideas are now beginning to emerge from deep dark pits of gross darkened minds, those of the thinking that a "NEW WORLD ORDER" should be involved, that a "MASS DESTRUCTION OF INFIDELS" should be called for, that "INTERNAL FORCES DEMAND WORSHIP" (NEW AGE MOVEMENT- SELF WORSHIP, BLOOD SACRIFICES, INCLUDING KNIFING THE HAND FOR BLOOD SACRIFICE TO DEMONIC LOOKING IDOLS), that  "CASHLESS SOCIETIES" should be given a second look and chance, that "ALL WOULD BE BETTER AND YOU WOULD BE MORE HEALTHIER AS A 2.0 PERSON VIA THE SNAKE CHIP INJECTION" ( science fiction or not, this thing has come to reality and set before the FDA for a mailing type New World Order Chip for your Injection and Mark and Money Maker, you don't walk, you don't earn and you cannot buy nor sell (no consumers nor business ownership) without such mark.

Now, How does the "Hippie Life" Look?? Food for thought.